Break Every Chain

Yesterday’s post needs a reference point.  Please continue reading…

I attended church Wednesday night.  Pastor Bill and Jen sang, “Break Every Chain.”   Much of what drives my methods is linked to fear.  This song reached into me.

This fear inside me wants to be freed.  I needed these lyrics to sing this truth into my heart.  I needed to take complete security in knowing I could give it up and turn it over to Jesus.

Thank’s Pastor Bill!  Thanks Jen!

The world around us gives us too much opportunity to be fearful.  God, in His own way at His own time calls us.  He can rein us in.  He can choose what HE wants us to recognize, when and how.  Isn’t it his Master plan after all?

My post “Oasis” is simply reporting my truth and my continual discovery of Jesus’ design of my life.

My post was written to free up from fear, admit my imperfections, misery, burdens and perceived disadvantages.

We are ALL responsible to our own path and journey with Jesus or without him.  As Christians we learn different things at different times for different reasons.  All of which I have no clue about.

I strive to walk with Jesus in my heart as much as I am able.  I trust the content of his lessons.  I thank Jesus that the position of being a victim is no longer at assembly within me.  I gain more strength and courage to speak of my process as these lessons are learned.  I learn to accept myself more fully right where I am.   I strive to accept you where you are, as well.

And yet there are these occasions:

Distracted at times- yes.

Incapable- yes; sometimes.

Ineffective-certainly this is also true.

Let’s not fear the truth about ourselves or how we influence or project ourselves to others.  Doesn’t Jesus call us to see the truth about ourselves, our situations, our behaviors; and yet He still redeems us…

I thank the people in my life who honor my process in my walk with Jesus.  I thank them for encouraging me to pursue the freedom to be with Jesus fully and yet imperfectly.  Isn’t this real good news?


I thank you

for taking

my words


a grain

of salt.



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