The Benefit of Truth

Truth is a powerful mother…

During the past few days; I’ve had a chance to look at truth straight in the eye.  Believe me; it’s been looking right back at me.

God called me on this one.  And He certainly has my attention! Let me share with you what I have learned.

Remember the operative word here is ‘motive’.

We can knee jerk from actions of others.  We can also ask God’s hand to steady us and reveal what is going on.  Though I believe it is essential to respect His timing.  In the past; I’ve knee jerked my way along.  I’ve thought of it as an action when really; it was a response.  So, what’s the real difference?

I’ve come to learn; a reaction is not asking the question, “What is my motive?”  A reaction is a response driven by a learned behavior.  In my case; I learned how to respond because I was afraid.

An action usually involves a strategy and a follow through.  Of course, strategies require that you take stock of your resources, consider the goal, assess when the time to act is optimal, consider the possible outcomes, understand your opposition or challenge and estimate your loss or gain if taking this action.

If you’re a devoted Christian like I am; then it also requires turning all of this over to His will. It means you will serve His will and defend His truth as well; when called to do so.


So, I understand much of what motivates me has been fear, hoping to win the approval of those near and dear, hating to let people down and doing for them what they can’t or won’t do for themselves.  Oh brother; what a wake up call this is…

One of the other and most important thing I’ve fastened my brain around is this: we do not cause, we cannot cure and we cannot control the illness of addiction.  Addiction can be with money, power, alcohol, food, drugs, sex, compulsion, work, control and probably some others I do not know about.  These illnesses cannot be cured with words, controlling, monitoring or anything else.  They cannot be cured by our hope of a better life for those near and dear. For instance, you cannot cure addiction from any of these responses any more than you can cure the illness of diabetes or cancer.

Ministering, talking, teaching or even doing things to keep things going smoothly will not cure, curb or control an illness.

Where does that leave me?  Well, for one thing; I understand why none of my responses worked in the past.  I understand what my motives were.  Secondly, I am relieved to understand that addiction is not a behavioral issue.  It is an illness.

Now, my action is to ask what my motive is before I get wrapped up in something “too big of me”.  Mable, a wise woman, learned this saying from her grandson Jason, “It’s too big of me.” So I’m saying it now.  Thanks so much for these words Mable and Jason!

I’m very thankful that God has taken me up and reveals to me these things.  How powerful and graceful he is to find the right time to heal me of my former self.

I wish to thank you God.  And I hope dear Jesus, you enjoy my sharing your truth.


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