Humility, Humus, Ground or Soil- ταπεινότητα

If you garden you know soil.  You know that the ground is always under your feet.  You also understand that soil is a medium in which things can be grown.  The things that can be grown are either desirable or not.  They either produced the things that you hope and work for or with neglect produce abundant plants that you scorn.

Why all this?  The soil, the ground and what is beneath is what the quality of humility is in reference to.  The Greeks use the word ταπεινότητα (tapeinótita).

for humbleness.  For me, it is what is low, grounding and that which holds all that can grow in a quiet, inert place.

Today I was reminded that this quality is neither self-depreciating nor does it come with inflated ego.  To me it is the inertness that we should allow in us where we meet God.  It is the place where we are as one with all that is, neither in distraction or presumption.  This place of humility is rich in portion.  It is quiet, peaceful and mysterious as well.

Let this day hold for you ample humility.  Let this be your grounding, your humbleness.  Let this become the fertile place where you cultivate an even deeper, more present relationship with Christ.

May this season of humble beginnings be also yours in Christ.

Thanks Jesus for your humble birth and the meaning of such.

Merry Christmas