As Sure As Bacon- Tan Saguaro Como Tocino


sure as bacon






Su paciencia


our believe


nuestra creencia

is faithful promise

es la promesa fiel.


A small contingency of a variety of ages and genders departed for Rosarito, Mexico very early the day after Christmas.  After twelve hours of caravanning we arrived at our base camp.  The camp had bunks and beds, pillows and sheets, showers (some days) and a kitchen that produced dozens of pieces of bacon every morning.  With bacon at the head of every breakfast, fresh eggs, Sonia’s salsa and prayer; we began each day.

After years of dormant Spanish speaking; some of my abilities with Spanish returned.  But sometimes there are better things than words.  A loving gaze, a reassuring smile, a gentle touch, a piece of bacon; these things communicate well too.  The people we met were open to our efforts.  They were kind to our group and thankful.

My husband Archie and I have added Mexico to our prayers.  We ask you to pray too for the people in Mexico.  We ask you to pray for the orphans and the young girls that have been trafficked.  We ask you to pray for the families.

Thanks for reading and for praying….

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