glide, slide, waltz and breeze – (What seeds have you to sow?)

seedsThe antonym of “trudge” lists these words: glide, slide, waltz and breeze.

Why should we trudge on? Why should we befall to our interpretation of what appears to be division, political discord and chaos?  Why should we doubt His abilities to orchestrate our best in everything?  Isn’t our faith clearly revealed when we have reason to use it? Isn’t our love for Jesus confirmed when we put him first in our attention and in our conversations?

Please think about these questions and bare your heart toward my answer.

Please don’t talk to me about the political weather.  Please don’t confess your loyalty to a party based on lower things.  Show me that you are a Christian by loving every color of human made.  Show me how you extend His mercy and grace in fruitful ways to people in need.  Show me first that you trust God.  Show me He is in every cell of your breathing, moving, thinking, feeling body and heart.  Show me how you live in the body of Christ first and foremost and I will join my hand with yours.

If I give you repeated audience to your comments of the current politics; can I better serve my dear, dear Jesus? I don’t know how to do this.  I let slumber the things of this world that I may be kept close to His world.  Can you grasp my need right now to have His strength waltz in the breeze of the Holy Spirit within me?  Please let’s dance with him between us- let’s try.

I pray earnestly for every appointed and elected politician to do the things Jesus would consider right and true.  I pray for those who appear to be enemies of Jesus.  I don’t confess to know all of God’s enemies.  And… I can’t even be sure if they are; but if these suppress my practice of bringing forth His fruits – I pray.

I’m not ignorant of the news.  I read and research what’s going on in doses that allow my honor toward Jesus to prevail.

Please keep me from your focus on the current political happenings.  Please help me in keeping Jesus our most important and cherished elected official.

If your beliefs differ and

you can’t see eye to eye with a brother or sister on a political topic,

if you think your voice made louder and more often will sway,

isn’t this a wonderful opportunity to unite in the joy found solidly in Him-in a grip that will not tear us apart?

Thank you brothers and sisters for your consideration…


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