While She Was Here

Betty became my friend 32 years ago; the minute I met her.  We were both in our early 30’s. We were both living in Pope Valley bringing up a family with children.

Betty was as loyal a friend as they come.

I laugh now at how Betty always said my name: Shelly.

She said my name with an exclamation point at the end of it- or two!!

She said it as though I was to come to attention; Ten-hut Shelly!

“Shelly” was said as though I was sleeping and was being called to awaken- like breakfast had been waiting a long time for me.

Betty’s tent was worn and her time had come.  The last time I saw Betty she said this to me, “Shelly!!…No one ever said we’d get out of this alive.”

Betty…!! You rest in my heart. With faith I trust you have made a camp with Jesus.

Betty had an aggressive cancerous brain tumor.  After her diagnosis she had only some weeks to live here on earth.  Her faith never wavered, not once.  She gave me courage to love each day- no matter what. She left me with a remarkable gift- love.  She left me with a chuckle – “No one ever said we’d get out of this alive!”









One thought on “While She Was Here

  1. Hi. I’m Betty’s niece and I wanted you to know that your poems have been bringing me great comfort in this difficult time. You describe her so accurately and I know that I will be coming back here often, especially to be reminded of how she’d say your name! Goodness knows that’s how she said mine.

    She really was a special presence and I think that we can, at least, take solice in the fact that we were fortunate enough to know her while she was here.


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