Patience To Love





Years bring wisdom.  Years bring acceptance.  They bring patience. In turn all of these bring joy.  The form of my joy this summer is a month of family time with my daughter and granddaughter from Berlin, Germany.

Chaos is disorder.  But if you ask me; it’s also the means of great possibility.  My house has been taken over by a three year old.  Sure we pick up the games, toys, play-dough and books.  But when you look around and see these things about in our small little home and our very large garden; you know they represent a great amount of joyful times and memories in-the-making.

Last night we put together a 25 piece puzzle with our granddaughter.  There… in the midst of sorting pieces and fitting them lived great exuberance and delight!

I wonder if God looks at us and says; “Yes, this is the kind of delight I enjoy all of you making out of the messes in life.  Great work, keep it up!”

Anyway, whether God likes the messes or not or what we do with them; I thank Him for the delight that our small home (and large garden) is cram packed and filled with this month.

Our family has healed from some pretty big gaps and discord into a colorful, accepting, loving, peaceful band.  We thank God for this.  We thank him for the tender hearts he continues to accomplish in all of us.

I said to Archie, “If there isn’t enough patience; there probably isn’t enough love.”


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