The Tree Dahlia Blooms

Even the most amazing things need our attention.  What would they be if not treasured by our recognition or preserved in our memory?  Little.

Today my tree Dahlia burst into bloom- fifteen feet above the ground. Yes, it’s very tall.  The branches resemble bamboo; they are five inches in diameter.  While all other plants wither from the approaching winter season; the tree Dahlia stands out and stands tall.

Why am I writing about this?

If I hadn’t had a morning that began with thankfulness; I may not have seen the Tree Dahlia blossom.   I may not have put my attention on things of beauty, made before me.

Life has been a struggle for me lately.  I am learning new things about myself and my past and my potential future.  God has been gentle but firm.  I couldn’t slip my attention away this time and sweep the mess under the carpet (so to speak).  I could not ignore the mess I was in and part of.

But there is God.  And so there is hope.  Hope acting with faith is a powerful servant.  Hope without faith in action is like a boat without a rudder.

God is also kind and patient.  He creates the perfect storm to drive our rudderless boat into his safe harbor.  There he fixes the rudder, prepares us to navigate, stocks our provisions and gets us shipshape as he sets us back out on course again.  Each of us must captain our own vessel.  Each of us has a map that Jesus has set before us.  We set out on a destination according to his will.  We gain in closeness to him.

I see my ship moving from the harbor.  I understand there is more to do.  Jesus has set a course for my hope to remain and my faith to muster.

I take this delicate pink bloom held in the morning sky as my compass heading.  It reminds me to be thankful.  The tree Dahlia reminds me to look up.  It says ,”Hey, pay attention.  The world around you is filled with beauty.”

As I move closer to love and hold a new understanding; I realize how fragile and unique we all are.  No one is less or more than another.  No one is not good enough. To have the love our lord offers us is his generous gift to all of us and for all of us.  We all need Him.

Thanks Jesus for your giving. Thanks for the morning blossom reminding me of simple beauty.

May your Thanksgiving be one of love and beauty.

Thank you for reading.


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