It Is What It Is

Last night I thought about the saying, “It is what it is.”  But then I thought; this really means to me; it is what it was.  That is true for most of us anyway.  Most of us keep dragging some part of the past forward with us.  And the “is what it is” is really; what it was or used to be, along with the now.  I’ve been dragging my load of garbage forward with me every single step of the way.  This keeps me from getting the most out of the moment.  It keeps God from fulfilling His will. It taints the way I view things and affects my response to them.  Much of this developed because of my lack of boundaries.  I would just let myself do about anything for anyone, all but complicit acts.  There was always “Yes, sure.  I can do that.”

I found this dragging up the past along side of me another way I tried to control things.  I did not give it all to God to manage.  I have been working too hard to figure things out that aren’t going according to the way I think they should.  This includes trying to help myself become more healthy.  So today; I give up trying to fix me, to heal me and to discover my defects.  Today, I give all this stuff inside of me and in my brain up to God.  In His time, in His way, my trust is complete.

How many of us can stay put in the middle of the moment, letting God have charge of things?

I know I struggle to stay put there- in that moment.

But today, some few minutes ago; I was reminded it’s so much better to let God figure things out and let, “It is what it is,” be entirely His.  If we can let this precise moment be in God’s hands; then we don’t need to work our brains overtime to figure things out.

This moment, Is; is nothing more than standing down, allowing God all.

Enjoy your moment with God.

Thanks for reading.

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